***Limited training-only slots available for BOLD VolleyTots & Volleyball Academy***
***Limited training-only slots available for BOLD VolleyTots & Volleyball Academy***

About Us

About Bold Athletics

BOLD Athletics Mission: To embark on student athlete’s true talent. Coach, motivate, and develop the student athlete’s professionalism and skill sets for their sport of choice, while not losing site of their talent being a gift from God.

What is BOLD: BOLD Athletics is an athletic training & character development company that will assess each individual student athlete’s skill set and help them develop their skills while learning the ins and outs of the recruiting process with their parent/guardian.

Once the athlete is assessed, and a plan of action is developed, we will then begin the BOLD experience. Throughout training sessions, parents will meet with BOLD Athletics experts for special breakout sessions regarding essential documentation and tests that must be completed prior to becoming a college student-athlete, such as FAFSA, ACT/SAT &, etc. We will also discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of being recruited, which will ensure the parents and student-athletes are aware of all NCAA Clearinghouse regulations and make sure their child is in compliance with NCAA rules. Also, teach athletes how to leverage NIL rules for monetary gain.

What makes us different? BOLD Athletics stands for Built On Legendary Dreams.

Most student athletes have dreamt of being recruited and playing for the schools we see every day on television but didn’t quite know the steps to take to get there besides being extremely athletic. What if I told you BOLD Athletics could help bridge the gap between just a dream and actual reality? BOLD will guarantee the athlete the personal and group development it will take to get the athlete to the desired level of play. Parents will commit to the athlete’s development as well as BOLD Athletic staff. We are not a “just jump in membership” where you pick a class that is already on a schedule and attend. Additionally, you won’t be signed up for personal training where you are going through a series of exercises that do not necessarily fit with the sport you play. BOLD assesses the athlete, determines the best plan of action, engages the parent participation, and determines the best development plan to help you reach that DREAM! BOLD will record some training sessions and ensure the parent and athlete see the improvement. Highlight workout film can also be put together while being a member at BOLD Athletics. These highlight workout videos can also go out to colleges of your choice to engage college coaches.

While being a member at BOLD we will bring in subject matter experts on teaching how to leverage your social media content to get recruited. Every social media tool can be your resume. BOLD Athletics teaches you how to utilize and market yourself in the right manner to attract recruiters. Parents are also taught social media skills and what is and isn’t okay to display socially.

ACT/SAT scores versus GPA. This can affect your recruiting chances. Again, BOLD Athletics will ensure parents and athletes are aware of the ratio for the schools they are looking to join. It’s one thing to have the talent, but it’s another to not have the grades. Resources will be provided for our student athletes to ensure they are making the grade and scoring properly on the ACT/SAT.

What if I am a college athlete already? Awesome! BOLD Athletics can help you as well. If you struggle with being interviewed or just want to develop your all-around game, we can help you! With BOLD College students can have a safe place to perfect their skills. They can also mentor some of our younger student athletes who desire to play on the next level. A family centered culture is the heart of BOLD. If you are looking to increase your vertical jump before the next season, maybe bounce back from an injury, or simply just want to train your body to be the best collegiate athlete we are here for you as well!

Being a member at BOLD will give you that edge when you return next season! It will provide you with the tools you need to enhance your game and maintain your skills!

Meet The Team

The world of sports is full of fierce competition, and you are going to want the best trainers in your corner. We have worked with lots of elite athletes and you will not be disappointed. If you would like to improve your game and take it to the next level, come and train with BOLD Athletics. Your heart and passion is exactly what we are looking for!